Why Choose The Immaculate Cleaning Company?

There are numerous reasons to choose Immaculate. Some of the benefits we offer are listed below:

Customised Cleaning Plan

Before we start our cleaning service, a service manager will meet you to discuss your cleaning needs. This information is used to form a cleaning plan. This is a detailed document which outlines what areas need cleaning, in what detail and at what frequency. A copy of this document is given to the customer and a copy is kept on file. A copy is also given to the cleaner. This can be modified at any time.

Same Cleaner Scheme

Wherever possible we will try to ensure that the same cleaners visit you. Although we cannot guarantee this due to sickness, absence or holidays, we will always aim to do this. We feel it is important to establish good working relationships and to encourage familiarity and trust. We feel this is particularly important when cleaning in homes occupied by elderly or vulnerable people.

Public Liability Insurance

At The Immaculate Cleaning Company we like to ensure that all customers have peace of mind. Therefore in the extremely unlikely event that any injuries or damage are caused by our staff, we are fully covered by Public Liability and Employer's insurance.

Employee Checks

All employees working in the homes of elderly or vulnerable clients are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). It is mandatory for our staff to have the enhanced checks, which includes the POVA list (Protection of Vulnerable Adults). This extra check provides further peace of mind. We also ask for a minimum of two references for all members of staff.

Fully Trained Staff

It is mandatory for all staff to follow The Immaculate Cleaning Company Training Scheme. This program includes the following topics:

  • Induction
  • Health and Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

The aim is to give each cleaner the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their role and to give you peace of mind. We regularly review the performance and cleaning standards of our staff to identify further training needs.

Affordable Cleaning

At The Immaculate Cleaning Company, we aim to make our services as affordable as possible. Therefore, our pricing include travel to and from your home or workplace free of charge. To find out our prices click here for more details.


You have the right to cancel our service. All we require is seven days notice. You are not locked into a fixed-term contract. In addition, you can change any terms of the cleaning plan as often as you like.

Peace of Mind

All members of staff are required to wear a uniform, clearly showing the company logo and they are required to wear a name badge. At The Immaculate Cleaning Company, we understand the importance of knowing where staff have come from, whether they are working in a company or in someone's home. This is particularly important if a member of staff is working in an elderly or vulnerable person's home.